Sabrina Marsili graduated in 1983  at the International School of  Theatre Jacques Lecoq  in Paris.  She studied with Arianne Mnouchkine and Jerzy Grotowski.
She worked as  mime  at  La Scala in Milan with Giorgio Strehler, Liliana Cavani and Karleinz Stochkausen, as actress, in Italy with Dario Fo, Paolo Rossi, Il Gruppo della Rocca  and Festival Intercity.  Abroad  she worked together with the State Theatre of  Copenhagen, Serapiontheatre in Vienna and the Company Karine Pontiès - Hetmuzieklod of Gent, Flanders.
In the last years she had been acting with Pippo Del Bono and Impasto Comunità Nomade Teatrale in terms of experimental and research theatre.
Has founded the company I Negri with Marco Leone as director, productions Armunia of Castiglioncello (Li) and the research group  Arnoklein with them she staged  "Fucking pretty end" from "Yesterday" of Agota Kristof, "Iceland" dialogue  featured by  several voices about  Danilo Dolci’s poetic and "Atelier Giacometti" about Alberto Giacometti’s work and  writings .

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